Why Email Marketing Fails!

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The reason why so many businesses fail to run a halfway decent email marketing campaign is not because they planned and executed it wrongly, although even these skills are a rare find, but that they fail to execute the campaigns properly. With tools like Google Analytics, amassing data has become very easy, but the key to business intelligence still remains in asking the right questions.

Which is why this week we wanted to focus on common mistakes marketers make while designing an email campaign. Here are the worst ones:

  • Only conversions matter: True, only conversions matter, but conversions don’t happen on their own. They are made to happen, through engaging copywriting, appealing design, and tailor made offers. Right from the email subject, the sender’s name, the colors used, the links – everything contributes to these conversions. If you are not converting enough, the solution is not to try harder, but to look under the hood at what probably is turning off those potential buyers. You also need an ESP who can track the conversions for you.
  • Not being exclusive: Scarcity and exclusivity will always work for all marketing campaigns. Time and again good marketers have demonstrated the effectiveness of being focused. Just talk about ‘one’ super-tempting offer that you are presenting? Unfortunately, businesses tend to include dozens of offers in the campaign, which serve only to distract the user. On top of it these offers are forever so there is no incentive for the end user to act fast.
  • Not making granular changes: When it comes to changing the campaign, companies prefer to scrap all of the previous email and start anew. Don’t do this unless you want to remain clueless about what went wrong. The good way of testing is to make a single, measurable change (maybe the button color) and then test it. By the time you are through, you’d know where were you going wrong and what changes helped you, and the future campaigns will be better.

We hope these pointers were helpful, and that your campaigns form now on will be instructive and successful.

– Team Octane

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