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We all know that improving the opt-in rate is the best way to help grow your list. Email addresses acquired this way carry far higher potential for conversion and creating loyal users. But how in God’s name do you increase opt-ins? Turns out that there’s no secret here – just simple, important things that often get overlooked and result in a shrinking email marketing list.

Ready to go back to the basics? Let’s start:

  • Put the email subscription form on all the pages: You need to give the smoothest possible experience to the users. Which means there should be as few clicks as possible when you want them to opt in. This is why you need to need to put the opt-in form on every page, and not provide a link to another page that disrupts browsing. In our experience the subscription for on the TOP right section of a web page works best, don’t expect users to scroll down and fill the form.
  • Give them a reason to sign-up: Why would people want to opt in? Why, indeed, unless you are offering something valuable in return. Give them a free e-book, email course, discount coupon – anything that justifies capturing their interest and amounts to something of value. This will not only help in increasing the opt-ins but also spread awareness about your expertise.
  • Don’t annoy them: Your opt-in form should not pop out on every other page in bright colors, nor should it be compulsory to browse a relevant part of the website. Using such brute-force tactics will only make them impatient and turn away. A user has given you the most valuable asset i.e. his permission, always respect the same.
  • Keep testing! ­– What does the ideal opt-in form look like? No one knows! That’s why no matter how much you are in love your creation, there is no substitute to testing and making the smallest of changes. Colors, fonts, orientation, size ­– these and all other possible factors need to be tested for and improved on.

It might be a long time before you finally figure out what works for you. Keep at it – the rewards are worth it!

– Team Octane

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